EXPERIENCES at Abbotsf0rd






Abbotsford's  food  experiences take you on gastronomical culinary trails through  local Kumaoni delicacies to the family recipes from erswhile Oudh. Come eat with us under the stars,  around a bonfire or deep in the forest for a cookout.  

Abbotsford's team of naturalists, authors, social workers, take you on these magical walks curated closely to keep you in sync with nature and the wild. Those looking for heritage from the days of the Raj, there  are trails that take you to homes of Jim Corbett and the Governor's house - a miniature of the Windsor Castle.

 Abbotsford is a patron for  literature, music & Arts in the region.  From curating Himalayan Echoes - The Kumaon Festival of Literature & Arts, music festivals and landscape painting experiences, we take you on a cultural tour of the region.




Abbostford and areas around it like the Nainital lake  are perfect for landscape painting. The scenery changes color and form as the seasons come by. A treat retreat for artists looking for the perfect Rhododendron or the imposing Himalayas.

Nainital is the summer capital of the North with an imposing lake that was discovered by the English on their may treks to discover the land of the Gods. It is the highest altitude sailing lake in Asia.

Abbotsford is tucked away in the quiet part of Nainital from where the Bird Sanctuary begins! Walk through the forests and spot the Khaleej Pheasant, barking deer or the leopard if you're lucky!

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