House & History

Built in 1876 the property was called "Abbotsford Lodge" owned by an Englishman, John Hope Simpson, Esquire of the Indian Civil Service in the erstwhile United Province of Agra and Oudh. Bought in 1903 by the Prasada's it was rechristened “Prasada Bhawan". The fourth generation of the Prasada’s carry on the rich legacy of the past. Interiors are a taste full mix of high wooden ceilings; tinned roof and pinewood flooring that give the perfect feel of the classic mountain house. Decorating the halls and catching the eye of the visitor are the many fascinating art deco pieces  reflecting the exotic, sophisticated taste of it’s owners from different times. Antiquarian items from different ages and different parts of the world adorn the house - Italian marble busts, garden statues, Afghani and Jail carpets, Wedgewood plate hangings, swords, muskets and elephant tusks.